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Hello! My name is Ali Marie and I am a passionate Graphic Designer with a BFA in Graphic Design from San Jose State University. My passion to create has everything to do with being raised in a creative home. Both of my parents were very involved in the SF arts scene, and from the moment I was born I experienced a free spirited lifestyle filled with culture, art, and music. Growing up watching my father in his design office always inspired me. Seeing the materials–the proofs hot off the printer, the in-progress designs–all of it fascinated me. These experiences opened my eyes to the creative industry and taught me the value of great design.

I currently work for a creative agency in San Jose specializing in digital marketing for retail and B2B. What makes us so unique is our wide range of services from Branding & Identity, Website Design/Dev, Social Media Strategy/Content Creation, Video/Animation, Photography, Packaging, VR/AR, Trade Show design/production, and a warehouse with unlimited capabilities. We do everything in house so our designers are quick learners and well-versed in a variety of different mediums. I have been with the company now for five years and I love how diverse the projects are because it keeps things fresh for everyone involved. As an Art Director, I manage anywhere from one to five designers depending on the project. It’s an extremely fast-paced environment which has taught me the value of good time management and how to quickly adapt to any new project we come across.

My desire to learn and passion for problem solving keep me on the hunt for creating projects with purpose. I am excited to see where my career takes me. If you have a passion that you’d like to discuss, I’d love to grab a coffee and talk about how we can influence the world together.