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I’ve gained experience in a variety of project types and it expands everyday. I would love to work with you so if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, let’s talk about it and see if it’s something we can solve!

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Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Business Cards, & Style Guides

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Websites, Social Media, Online Templates, Animated Graphics, & Digital Advertising

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Packaging, Signage, Brochures, Posters, Layout Design, & Advertisements

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Wedding Materials, Chalkboards, Polymer Clay Work, & much more!

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“For years, our local city government communicated to the public with a heavy bureaucratic tone to it, whether that was through written language, talk or imagery. We made the call a couple years ago to transform our identity to something that was more community-centric and progressive. Ali and her Zooka Team did an incredible job taking us through several creative options to ultimately, land the perfect new brand logo for our city. Since then, we continue to work with Ali on creative projects. We have given her some very complicated projects, to which she has produced amazing results for us. Without a doubt, she has proven to be a very talented, detail-oriented and reliable professional.”

Lauren Sugayan, Union City Communications & Marketing Manager

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“Hamilton Families has worked with Ali as our primary designer for almost three years. First of all, she is a delight to work with: full of joy and very supportive of our mission and unique needs. Secondly, she is a fantastic professional: quick response time, fast turnaround on our projects, flexible as our needs change, and really listens to our feedback and puts it in action. Finally, she is an excellent designer: she supported us through a massive rebranding project and has designed all our collateral in alignment with our new brand manual. Our materials look fantastic and have a consistent feel. I couldn’t recommend Ali more highly!”

Debbie Wilber, Director of Development

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“In addition to being a very talented web and print designer, Ali is extremely reliable and easy to work with. Her personable nature allowed us to quickly become friends and work in harmony on a variety of websites, sweepstakes, print ads, POP displays, etc., which is also a testament to her versatility! Ali was constantly taking projects with little direction and running with them, thoughtfully thinking them through and setting them up for success. I owe a large portion of my achievements at Zooka to Ali’s dedication and I hope to work with her even after I move on from the company.”

Christopher Atwater, Business Development at Sparkcentral

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“Working with Ali is such a pleasant experience! She beautifully executes both specific and abstract creative direction, with patience and open communication with those less experienced with the graphic design world. Her designs are clean, consistent and communicate the tone and personality we had hoped for. Looking forward to working with her again!”

Nicolle Gameiro, Nonprofit Communications Consultant at Hamilton Families

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“Ali is a very talented and creative designer with an excellent work ethic. She has an outgoing and friendly personality which makes working with her fun. She can transform complex ideas into beautiful works of art and she has strong visual communication skills. I’m looking forward to working with Ali again in the future!”

Steve Mortensen, Associate Director of Creative Services at Affymetrix

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“I would highly recommend Ali Hanshaw for any organization looking for a designer. Her work is brilliant and she is fast, professional, and such a pleasure to work with. She is always willing to take on new projects and consistently finds a way to create exactly what we are looking for. We don’t know what we would do without her!”

Allison Pratt, Senior Development Associate at Hamilton Families

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