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2016 MarCom Gold Award

Union City is one of the last affordable areas in the Bay Area. Their diverse and unified people, excellent educational institutions, unsurpassed quality of life, strong economy, and world-renowned location make their city the ideal place to work and live.

Yet with all these benefits, they struggle to attract new businesses to occupy their empty warehouses. Residents didn’t feel their city had an identity that reflected what they knew their city to be.

They needed a fresh perspective to transform their look into a city that sprouts innovation. Union City hired Zooka Creative to capture their compelling story and visually tell it to the world.

We felt that designing a new face for the city should involve the people who work and live there, so we crafted questions for the community to understand what Union City meant to them. Our findings showed a lot of overlap and we established 5 key pillars that made Union City special.

Community, Innovation, Recreation, Diversity, Unity

Our writers took these pillars and created a positioning statement that the designers could use as their north star.

“Union City, California creates opportunities for innovation that allow businesses to sprout and grow their operations in a small, culturally diverse, tight-knit community in the greater Silicon Valley.”

We hit the ground running and came up with options to present to their team.

Keeping the community involved was important to us, so we presented three options and held a vote. Instead of asking “Which one do you like?”, we asked “Which one supports the positioning statement?”

The chosen concept represented all the key pillars. Highly rooted in their culture is a unified sense of diversity. The new logo celebrates its multifaceted community with woven bands of overlapping colors, coming together to form a solid “U” shape. Each color represents one of their five key pillars.

We created a visual language and launched the brand through swag, signage, videos, summer activity guides, and government documents.

The brand system was received very well by government employees, residents, and business owners. The Union City team believes the final outcome positions the city with a competitive advantage moving forward. They will have a unique ability to differentiate and stand out, while putting forth a visual system that best represents the diverse culture, unique benefits, and the quality service provided to the businesses and residents of their community.

The Marcom team praised our process and how we were able to make a government project move so quickly and effortlessly.

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